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From The Amy Williams, your Podcast Strategy coach and Podcast BFF. Owner of Opulence Multi Media Management, LLC.

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Alone, confused, frustrated, overwhelmed, and stuck. Have you been wondering how to make your podcast stand out from the crowd? How can a podcast grow your business? What is the strategy? How will a podcast help? Where do I start? How can this make money? How can I make this easier?

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You'll have a confident plan that is tailored to helping your business. You'll launch a successful podcast. You'll be able to focus on the parts you enjoy doing and not be overwhelmed with what you don't. You'll have a clear vision, strategy, and content plan to position your business as a leader. You'll never be alone because you'll be with your podcast BFF to support you on this journey.

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Amy really helped me go from Ideas to TWO real podcasts. She is also greatly helping with the marketing and strategy for them.

Sam Prince


So thankful to Amy for walking me through the best strategies that fit our business and filling the seats for our group coaching program! Her feedback and professional advice made launching a podcast easy!

Jeanette Peterson


You have an amazing gift. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. We can't express how much we appreciate you going above and beyond for us, it means more than you know. Can't WAIT to work with you more in the future!

Patricia King

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